Australia's Most Trusted Business Communication System

Uniden Voice over Cloud offers a comprehensive solution that prioritises reliability, exceptional support, offline functionality during the dreaded NBN outages through the mobile app, and the unique ability to supply and support both hardware and software.

  • Reliability – The Foundation of Trust: Uniden Voice over Cloud has earned its reputation as the most reliable communication system in Australia. Businesses can rely on consistent, high-quality voice calls and data transmission, ensuring that communication remains seamless and uninterrupted. In a country where reliability is non-negotiable, Uniden Voice over Cloud emerges as the benchmark for dependable business communication.

  • Exceptional Customer Support – A True Partner: What sets Uniden Voice over Cloud apart is its commitment to exceptional customer support. Australian businesses value a partner they can trust, and Uniden provides unparalleled support. From troubleshooting technical issues to addressing concerns promptly, the dedicated support ensures that businesses can focus on their operations with confidence.

  • NBN Offline Functionality with Mobile App: Recognising the challenges posed by NBN outages, Uniden Voice over Cloud takes innovation to the next level. When the NBN is offline, the system seamlessly transitions to a mobile app, ensuring that businesses can continue their operations without disruptions. This unique feature reflects Uniden's commitment to keeping businesses connected under any circumstances.

  • Hardware and Software Support – A Comprehensive Solution: Uniden Voice over Cloud stands alone as the only communication solution in Australia that provides end-to-end support for both hardware and software. From state-of-the-art IP phones to cutting-edge cloud-based software, businesses can rely on Uniden for a holistic communication solution. This comprehensive support simplifies maintenance, streamlines updates, and ensures compatibility across all aspects of the system.

  • Tailored for the Australian Business Landscape: Uniden Voice over Cloud understands the nuances of the Australian business landscape. The system is designed to cater to the specific needs of local businesses, offering features and support that align with the unique challenges and opportunities present in the Australian market.

From our unwavering commitment to customer support to its innovative approach to NBN outages and comprehensive support for both hardware and software, Uniden Voice over Cloud is not just a communication system – it's a true partner for Australian businesses. As companies navigate the challenges of modern communication.

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