Uniden Voice over Cloud: Elevating Business Communication Beyond Telstra Dot

In the vibrant landscape of Australia, choosing the right communication system is crucial for the success of your enterprise. Allow us to elucidate why Uniden Voice over Cloud stands head and shoulders above the competition, particularly when compared to Telstra Dot.

Uniden Voice over Cloud prides itself on delivering unparalleled reliability. Experience consistently high-quality calls and data transmission, ensuring that your business communication remains seamless and uninterrupted. Telstra Dot, while reliable, may occasionally encounter outages, potentially disrupting your crucial conversations.

When it comes to customer support, Uniden Voice over Cloud takes the lead with our dedicated assistance. Our team is committed to promptly addressing your concerns and providing solutions, ensuring that you receive the support you need, when you need it. Telstra Dot, while offering reliable support, may not match the swiftness and responsiveness that Uniden is known for.

In the face of the dreaded NBN outage, Uniden Voice over Cloud seamlessly transitions to our mobile app, allowing your business operations to continue without missing a beat. Telstra Dot, on the other hand, offers no functionality during NBN outages, leaving you stranded in critical moments.

Uniden Voice over Cloud stands out as the only communication solution that provides end-to-end support for both hardware and software. From cutting-edge plug and play phones to cloud-based software, our holistic approach simplifies maintenance and ensures compatibility. 


Advantages Uniden Voice over Cloud Telstra Dot
Reliability High reliability with HQ call quality & fail-over to our Free Mobile App. May experience occasional outages as it requires an active and working NBN service.
Customer Support Exceptional customer support with Australian based account and support managers. Long response times, no local account manager.
NBN Offline Functionality Seamless transition to mobile app during NBN outages. Phone lines offline during NBN outages.
Hardware and Software Support Comprehensive support for both our Uniden Plug and Play hardware and software. Supports a limited number of 3rd party Telstra-approved devices and software with limited support.
Flexibility and Mobility Offers unparalleled flexibility and mobility with cloud-based communication. Limitations in mobility support.
Scalability Highly scalable to accommodate businesses of all sizes. From 3 lines and users to unlimited we have you covered. You can connect up to 9 separate lines, however, only a maximum of 3 lines can be used at the same time, whether they're calls you receive or calls you make (eg phones, fax or EFTPOS lines). You'll need to take up a separate plan for each phone line.
Integration with Cloud Services Seamlessly integrates with various 3rd party applications and cloud services. No support to 3rd party applications.
Cost Efficiency Predictable billing with a subscription-based model. May have variable costs and additional charges.





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