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Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere- Now You’re Talking.

With Free setup, included phone calls and over 40+ and easy to use features never has it been easier to switch your business to Australia's smartest cloud based business phone system.

Add automation to your phone call flow's by connecting your business software

Streamline the process by automating the importing of customer data, and notes, capturing call records and build smart call flows that matter to you with a business phone provider that offers integrations and open APIs.

Sync customers and always know who's calling.

Click to call, save calls and notes and sync your customers.

Google Drive
Save call data and recordings to your own Google cloud drive.

Sync customers and always know who's calling.

Microsoft One Drive

Save call data and recordings to your own Microsoft cloud drive.

Sync customers and always know who's calling.
Sync customers and always know who's calling.
Notify your team in slack when calls are missed.

Click to call, save calls and notes and sync your customers.

See for yourself, a smarter way to communicate, explained in just 90 seconds

Because who has time for a four-hour PowerPoint presentation anyway.

Create smart call flows that work for your business with cloud-based phone systems

Our user-friendly interface empowers users without extensive technical expertise to design and implement sophisticated call flows. You can adapt your call flows to meet the evolving needs of your business without the need for complex programming.

Key Features for smart call flows

Interactive Voice Response

Impress your callers with a professionally crafted IVR system. Easily design menus that direct callers to the right department or provide self-service options, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Time-Based Routing

Customise call flows based on the time of day, day of the week, or even holidays. Ensure that calls are handled differently during peak hours, after business hours, or during specific events, optimising resource allocation.

Call Recording

Enable call recording features within your call flows for quality assurance, training purposes, or compliance requirements. Easily retrieve and review recorded calls to improve customer interactions and employee performance.

Trusted solutions
Real-time results

Experience a unified experience across both hardware and software platforms. This reduces complexities associated with compatibility issues and enhances user efficiency.

Centralised Management

Enjoy easy administration through our cloud based portal, simplifying the management of your voice over cloud infrastructure.

Quick Deployment

Experience swift implementation, allowing you to get up and running with minimal delays.


Easily adapt to the evolving needs of your business by scaling your voice over cloud services as your organisation grows and with a single point of contact for support and troubleshooting.

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Easy to Use

Enjoy a user-friendly design that simplifies navigation and ensures a seamless user experience.

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Stay Connected

Ensure connectivity across platforms with Uniden desk phones and our iOS, Android, and PC applications.

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Be Productive

Boost productivity with intelligent call flows tailored to enhance your business needs.

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Real Time

Implement changes instantly and be responsive to your business needs.

Call Queuing
Never miss another call and reduce customer waiting times with easy to configure strategies and personalised greetings.
Voice-Mail to Email
Stay on top of business when you can’t talk by having voicemails emailed to your inbox as an audio file.
SMS Messages
Enhance your campaign or customer service with SMS messaging with one-way or two-way text messages.
Ai Text to Speech
Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices for your greetings and menus.
Music on Hold
Promote your business by playing a customised message when customers are on hold or play your own music tunes.
1300 / 1800 Numbers
1300 numbers enable your customers to call your business from anywhere nationwide for the cost of a local call. 

1800 numbers allow customers to call toll-free nationwide.

Learn how Uniden
Leads by Innovation

One of Uniden's key strengths lie in our commitment to provide continuous innovation ensuring that businesses using Voice Over Cloud are equipped with the latest advancements, enabling them to stay ahead in the competitive business landscape.

Innovation is in our core

Uniden has a rich history of groundbreaking innovations in telecommunications. Becoming the first to manufacture a cordless phone featuring cutting-edge voice scramble security technology.

Expanding upon this legacy, Uniden introduced the industry's first completely digital phone and digital answering machine, subsequently pioneering the integration of caller identification and introducing 900 MHz analogue cordless phone technology in the Australian market.

Today, Uniden stands as a leader of innovation, achieving yet another milestone as being the world's first to introduce Voice over Cloud. This accomplishment underscores Uniden's commitment to maintaining a position of prominence of cutting-edge communication technology.

The onlycomplete solution

Uniden stands out as the sole voice over cloud provider that delivers a turn-key and trusted solution by seamlessly integrating both hardware and software components with cloud-based phone systems. Unlike other providers who may focus solely on software solutions or require third-party hardware, Uniden offers a unified ecosystem that ensures a reliable and trusted user experience and benefit from a single point of contact for support and troubleshooting.


Stay connected! Working from the Office, Home or on the Road

Desk phone & Smart App

Looking for a smart solution for the office or home office, our plug and play handsets has all the smarts.

Or on the road or out of the office, no worries our free Android and iOS mobile App will keep you connected.

Windows Application
Get connected quickly and easily with our free Windows App. Supports Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10

Our Happy Customers

Questions & Answers

1. What is Uniden Voice Over Cloud?
Uniden Voice Over Cloud is a cloud-based communication solution that provides businesses with advanced voice services, combining hardware and software for a seamless experience and unlike traditional PBX systems Voice Over Cloud operates in the cloud, offering much lower cost, greater flexibility, scalability, and a rich set of features.
2. Is Uniden Voice Over Cloud suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes, Uniden Voice Over Cloud is designed to scale, making it suitable for small businesses with 1-3 staff, mid-sized 8-20 staff as well as enterprise customers including large corporations and Governments with 1000+ staff.
3. Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to Uniden Voice Over Cloud?
Yes, Uniden supports number portability, allowing you to keep your existing phone numbers for a seamless transition.
4. What kind of hardware is required for Uniden Voice Over Cloud?

Uniden provides hardware solutions tailored for its cloud service, ensuring compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance, however you do not need to buy any hardware to use Voice over Cloud with our Free Android, iOS and PC apps you can start calling today.

5. Can I integrate Uniden Voice Over Cloud with other business applications?

Yes, Uniden Voice Over Cloud offers integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with CRM systems, email, and other essential business tools.

6. What happens if there is an internet outage?
With Uniden Voice Over Cloud, your business stays connected. Even during internet outages, our mobile app ensures uninterrupted communication with direct routing to your mobile device.
7. How does Uniden Voice Over Cloud contribute to Australian businesses?

Uniden Voice Over Cloud is designed and built in Australia, catering specifically to the needs of Australian businesses, offering local support and a solution attuned to the local business environment.

Getting started with Uniden Voice over Cloud
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