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Questions & Answers

1. What is Uniden Voice Over Cloud?
Uniden Voice Over Cloud is a cloud-based communication solution that provides businesses with advanced voice services, combining hardware and software for a seamless experience and unlike traditional PBX systems Voice Over Cloud operates in the cloud, offering much lower cost, greater flexibility, scalability, and a rich set of features.
2. Is Uniden Voice Over Cloud suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes, Uniden Voice Over Cloud is designed to scale, making it suitable for small businesses with 1-3 staff, mid-sized 8-20 staff as well as enterprise customers including large corporations and Goverments with 1000+ staff.
3. Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to Uniden Voice Over Cloud?
Yes, Uniden supports number portability, allowing you to keep your existing phone numbers for a seamless transition.
4. What kind of hardware is required for Uniden Voice Over Cloud?

Uniden provides hardware solutions tailored for its cloud service, ensuring compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance, however you do not need to buy any hardware to use Voice over Cloud with our Free Android, iOS and PC apps you can start calling today.

5. Can I integrate Uniden Voice Over Cloud with other business applications?

Yes, Uniden Voice Over Cloud offers integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with CRM systems, email, and other essential business tools. - Find our more here.

6. What happens if there is an internet outage?
With Uniden Voice Over Cloud, your business stays connected. Even during internet outages, our mobile app ensures uninterrupted communication with direct routing to your mobile device.
7. How does Uniden Voice Over Cloud contribute to Australian businesses?

Uniden Voice Over Cloud is designed and built in Australia, catering specifically to the needs of Australian businesses, offering local support and a solution attuned to the local business environment.

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