What to consider before you buy a PBX system

Purchasing a PBX system for your business requires a lot of thought and consideration to ensure that you pick a system that works for you.

For Australian businesses, communication is an important part of the day-to-day operations as staying connected with customers, partners, and employees is integral to business. If you’re familiar with traditional on-premise PBX systems then you’ll know that it can be costly and inflexible.


Enter cloud-based PBX systems. With up to 75% of communication costs saved on average, cloud-based business phones don’t just save you money, they also save your employees valuable time, making them more efficient. But with so many options available in the market, you could be compelled to select one that has a lot of features for the lowest price—but this could backfire without the proper due diligence.


From analysing the VoIP phone price to how it can integrate with your existing systems, there are several things to consider before you buy a PBX system.

Enter cloud-based PBX systems

What to consider before you buy a PBX system for your business

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Communication needs

Assess your specific communication requirements. Think about whether your business can benefit from features like text-to-speech, call recording, call queuing, interactive voice menus, and more. If your business has specific needs but the business phone system you’re considering cannot accommodate them, you need to keep searching.

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Growth potential

Think about where you are as a business and what your future requirements are going to look like. If you expect more growth, a rise in employee numbers, or call volumes, then you need a phone system that can support a rise or even a decrease in capacity. Asking service providers about this feature can save you a lot of time and money.

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Remote connectivity

If a large portion of your business operations are taking place remotely or you’re planning to increase your remote workforce, then mobility considerations are important for your business phone system. Buy a PBX system that enables your employees to stay connected from anywhere in the world, using mobile apps or even their desktops.

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Cost of ownership

While cost should never be the sole consideration, it is an important part of selecting the right cloud-based phone system. Consider setup costs, additional fees, or even recurring charges to understand the true cost of owning a business phone system. Check if it aligns with your budget as well to avoid costly business phone systems.

Why investing in a PBX system can add value to your business

Cost savings

You can avoid costly on-premise hardware and maintenance requirements with cloud-based phones that reduce ongoing costs.

Advanced features

You can access a range of features that are designed to help Australian businesses thrive with improved connectivity.

Reduced IT overheads

You can easily reduce or redirect your dedicated IT personnel who manage and maintain on-premise PBX phone systems.


You can seamlessly integrate your existing business tools like CRM and collaboration platforms with a new phone system.


You can easily adapt to your changing business requirements without being tied to physical hardware or infrastructure.

Buy a PBX system that works for your business with Uniden

Uniden is Australia’s smartest cloud-based business phone system and with over 40 free and easy-to-use features, it’s also designed with Australian businesses in mind. With years of experience in the industry, our phone systems are designed to streamline your workflows and enhance productivity.


Our team of dedicated experts are ready to help you integrate this robust and secure infrastructure to ensure that you have reliable and high-quality communications, every time.



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Frequently asked questions

1. How does a cloud-based phone system work?

Cloud-based systems use VoIP technology to transmit voice calls over the internet. Instead of traditional phone lines, these systems rely on an internet connection to make and receive calls. Users can access the PBX system and its features through desktop applications, mobile apps, or IP phones connected to the internet.

2. What are the advantages of a cloud-based system over a traditional on-premise system?

Cloud-based systems offer several advantages, including lower upfront and ongoing costs, scalability, mobility and remote access, advanced features, automatic updates, reduced IT overhead, disaster recovery capabilities, seamless integration with business tools, and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

3. How is call quality ensured with a cloud solution?

Reputable cloud providers use high-quality codecs, Quality of Service protocols, and redundant internet connections to deliver excellent call quality. Ensuring sufficient internet bandwidth at your office is also important.

4. How do I get started with a cloud-based system for my Australian small business?

The first step is to evaluate your business communication needs, budget, and growth plans. Research reputable cloud-based providers that cater to small businesses in Australia and compare their offerings, pricing, and customer support. Many providers offer free trials or consultations to help you choose the right solution for your business.

5. Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to a cloud system?

Yes, most cloud phone providers offer number porting services that allow you to transfer your existing phone numbers over to the new cloud system. This helps maintain continuity and avoids disrupting established business communications. The porting process is usually straightforward but may take a few days to complete.

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