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Discover how businesses across Australia can benefit from the competitive advantage cloud phone systems offer for better communication.

Many Australian businesses are switching to modern, flexible solutions that make communication much easier. With the traditional phone systems gradually becoming outdated, costly, and lacking the capabilities to help businesses scale locally and internationally, the power of a cloud business phone system is becoming more apparent.


Compared to their traditional counterparts, business phone systems use the power of the internet to provide businesses with a reliable, feature-heavy, and affordable platform that they can use to communicate with various stakeholders no matter where they are located—an ideal solution for businesses with offices around the world.


With cloud phone systems, Australian businesses of all sizes can streamline their operations and improve customer interactions and productivity, giving them the competitive edge they need to become leaders in their respective industries.



Leveraging cloud business phone systems for a better competitive edge in Australia

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Mobility and remote capabilities

Cloud phone systems make it much easier for employees to make and receive calls from anywhere. This is especially important as companies expand across geographical locations and still need to maintain seamless communication. Whether it’s desktop apps or mobile apps, the flexibility that cloud phone systems offer has the power to improve collaboration among distributed teams and help them never miss a beat.

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Cost savings and scalability

If your business is still using traditional phone systems, then you’re aware of the expensive hardware and maintenance costs involved. With cloud phone systems, the solutions they offer are easier to scale up or down and offer better pricing models and cost savings on phone bills. This is a massive step in the right direction for businesses that want the latest innovations without the added cost.

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Advanced features and integrations

Cloud business phone systems come equipped with a range of features such as call recording, voicemail-to-email, SMS messaging, call routing, and more, which lend themselves perfectly to improving the quality of your communications. They also seamlessly integrate with popular business tools and integrations like Google Drive, HubSpot, and Microsoft One, making data accessible across platforms.

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Better reliability and security

Many cloud phone service providers offer a reliable and secure system that ensures businesses have better uptime and get regular software updates and advanced security measures. Switching to a cloud phone system that has the features to offer a more reliable and protected connection can give your business the competitive edge it needs to minimise downtimes and protect any type of data or information loss.

Features that make cloud business phone systems the top choice

Unified communications

Integrating different communication channels like voice, chat, video and file sharing, makes it easier for seamless collaboration on a single platform.

Call analytics and reporting

Get detailed call logs, analytics, and reporting capabilities that simplify performing monitoring, trend identification, and making data-driven decisions.

Call centre capabilities

With features like advanced call queuing, interactive voice response (IVR), and call monitoring, customer service operations can be carried out smoothly.

Customisable call routing

Call routing can be customised depending on factors like location, time of day, and availability of a customer care agent, making it easier for better experiences.

Conference calling and video conferencing

With a built-in ability to host video and audio conferencing with multiple parties, businesses can communicate with remote teams effectively from anywhere.

Be a leader in business communication in Australia with Uniden

As Australia’s smartest business phone system, Uniden Voice Over Cloud makes it easier for Australian businesses to transition from traditional phone units to cloud-based systems.

Our teams are dedicated to supporting your smooth transition with personalised assistance throughout the implementation process and ensuring that businesses have the knowledge and skills to maximise the features and benefits of the phone system.


Achieve a competitive edge with
cloud business phone systems

Contact Uniden today and find out how we transform your business for increased success in the Australian market.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between a cloud phone system and a VoIP phone system?

Both VoIP and cloud phones are hosted solutions managed by a third party. VoIP phone systems can be on-site or hosted, whereas, cloud phone systems give better flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness since there’s no need for physical infrastructure.

2. Can a cloud phone system handle call centre operations?

Yes. A lot of cloud phone systems have advanced call centre capabilities, making it easier to handle high call volumes, improve agent performance, and offer a better customer service experience.

3. Can a cloud phone system integrate with other business tools?

Yes. The majority of cloud phone systems offer integrations with popular business tools and it’s important to explore this with your cloud phone provider so that you can make sure you have all the integrations you need before making a decision.

4. Is a cloud phone system secure?

Cloud phone systems come with many security measures like encryption and firewalls to make sure that your sensitive data is protected at all times. It’s still advisable to follow any industry best practices for added security.

5. How does a cloud phone system work?

Cloud phones use VoIP technology to transmit voice communications via the internet. This allows users to make and receive calls using VoIP-enabled devices like mobile apps, IP phones, and softphones, which are all connected to the cloud phone system through the internet.

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