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How to choose the right cloud phone system for small businesses

Discover why you may want to consider a switch to cloud phone systems and how to choose the right communication solution for your business.

Did you know that small businesses spend about $150 per employee per month on telephone and internet services? You may already be spending close to that amount currently. Mostly, the costs are highly skewed towards the expensive end due to legacy phone system costs.

This is why as many as 60% of small businesses in Australia plan to upgrade to a cloud-based phone system or VoIP phone system within the next 12 months. With this upgrade, you can save nearly $6000 per year according to the latest research that studied businesses with less than 3 employees.

In addition to the cost benefits, cloud phone systems offer many other benefits, improving communication, enhancing productivity, and boosting customer satisfaction.


What features should you consider when choosing a phone system for small businesses?

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Intelligent call routing

Missing important business calls because the calls were forwarded to the wrong resource can leave a lot of money on the table—you could be missing some valuable clients, information, or both. So, look for a cloud phone system that offers intelligent call forwarding/rerouting features that make sure every call reaches the right person at the right time. If the resource can’t attend the call, the auto attendant feature can inform the caller and give the option to leave a message.

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What is the point of upgrading your phone system if you still end up paying more for your phone bill? Therefore, thoroughly analyse the possible alternative options and choose a VoIP phone system that offers your business a more cost-effective solution. Some providers give you the option to upload your existing phone bills and see how much you can save by choosing their solution. At the very least, pick a business phone system provider who can match your current phone bill costs.


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Number porting

When you’ve operated your business for a while, you don’t want a switch to a new phone system leading to uncertainties about your contact information. If you already have an established phone number and don’t want to change it, check for cloud phone system providers who offer number porting capabilities. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a modern phone system without disrupting the way your clients and potential clients contact you—some providers even offer free number porting.

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Third-party integrations

As a business owner, you may use business tools for accounting, communication, and CRM like Slack, Xero, HubSpot, and Monday.com. While all these tools can add a lot of value to your business and streamline your operations, having them all integrated into one unified system can compound their benefits and help you achieve operational efficiencies. This is why it’s important to invest in a cloud phone system that allows you to connect third-party tools that you use in your business.

How to get a cloud business phone system
for your business?

Research and compare different plans

Explore the options available from cloud phone system providers in Australia and compare each solution.

Assess compatibility with your infrastructure

Check if the available plans support the third-party business tools you use for your daily operations.

Do a cost analysis

Decide on a budget for the new phone system and do a cost analysis to find a system that fits your budget.

Offer training for employees

Upgrading to a cloud system is a big change, so provide training to your staff to make the transition smoother.

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Enjoy the benefits of a modern
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Frequently asked questions

1. Can a cloud phone system support remote or hybrid work setups?

Absolutely, cloud phone systems are perfect for remote and hybrid work environments. They come with features like mobile apps, softphones, and web-based portals, allowing your team to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility ensures that your employees can stay connected and productive no matter where they are working.

2. How does a cloud phone system improve customer service for small businesses?

A cloud phone system can greatly enhance your customer service by offering features such as call recording, automated attendants, and intelligent call routing. These tools ensure that customer inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and boosting overall satisfaction. Plus, integration with CRM systems allows for personalised interactions, improving the customer experience.

3. What are the initial setup costs and time required for transitioning to a cloud phone system?

The initial setup costs for a cloud phone system are generally lower than those for traditional systems, as there is no need for extensive hardware installation. Many providers offer easy and quick setup processes that can be completed in just a few hours or days. The exact time and cost will depend on the complexity of your needs and the provider you choose.

4. Are there any potential drawbacks to using a cloud phone system for small businesses?

While cloud phone systems offer numerous benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind. These include reliance on a stable internet connection, possible latency issues during peak usage times, and ongoing subscription costs. Choosing a reliable internet service provider and a reputable cloud phone system provider with strong technical support and service level agreements (SLAs) can help mitigate these risks.

5. How scalable are cloud phone systems for growing small businesses?

Cloud phone systems are highly scalable, making them an ideal choice for growing small businesses. You can easily add or remove users, upgrade features, and expand your service as your business grows, all without the need for significant hardware investments. This scalability ensures that your phone system can adapt to your business's evolving needs and growth.

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