VoIP handsets in Australia

Experience superior client communication with law firm phone systems

Optimise your law firm’s phone systems and create seamless interactions with clients for uninterrupted legal practices.

As technology evolves, law firms are recognising the potential of using advanced cloud phone systems to improve their communication. Especially in an era where remote and hybrid work is becoming the norm, VoIP for law firms is one of the best tech upgrades that your law firm can make.


By switching to cutting-edge phone systems tailored to Australian legal practices, you can easily navigate client communication with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. From automated call routing and advanced messaging capabilities to integrating with existing systems and software, these solutions can help your law firm stay connected and responsive to clients.


With up to 40% savings on phone calls, VoIP phones are the ideal choice for law firms that want to enhance client communications without higher charges. With integration capabilities in full swing, your firm’s databases and CRM tools can also automatically be connected to your systems, making it a huge plus for client communication improvements.


How law firm phone systems enhance client communications

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Streamlined call management

When your firm gets potentially important and fairly long phone calls, efficient call handling and minimising wait times is important to improve the customer experience, and cloud phone systems can help. Advanced call routing and management features ensure that your calls are swiftly directed to the right personnel, reducing client frustrations. You can even record calls for quality assurance and ensure all your interactions are professional.

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Enhanced mobility and accessibility

Cloud-based law firm phone systems make sure that your clients can reach you from anywhere, anytime. With features like call forwarding, attorneys and staff can seamlessly communicate with clients, irrespective of where they are physically. This flexibility is particularly important if your practice has remote teams or out-of-office consultations where client communication is key and responsiveness is a non-negotiable expectation of clients.


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Advanced messaging and collaboration

Communication isn’t just about voice calls. Law firms also need advanced messaging capabilities like SMS and video conferencing for more personalised communication, which some clients and legal teams may prefer for real-time collaboration. These features are great for handling enquiries, streamlining workflows, and improving productivity. Even if an attorney isn’t readily available, features like voicemail to email ensure you don’t miss client calls.

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Detailed reporting and analytics

For law firms, having access to communication patterns and call volumes can provide a wealth of information when it comes to areas of improvement, optimising resource allocation, and making informed decisions to improve client communication and satisfaction. Real-time monitoring and historical data can give your firm the ability to track KPIs, measure responsiveness, and identify potential bottlenecks that could impact your client communications.

What to consider when introducing cloud phone systems to your law firm

Easy-to-use systems

Properly introducing your legal team to a new cloud phone system is important to make sure they’re comfortable with the system and its features.

Client experience

Even if you’re the sole practitioner without a legal team or other staff, you will need to think about the client experience with your VoIP system.

Testing call quality

Sound quality is an important part of any client communications, especially in the legal industry where clarity and accuracy play a bigger role.

Take your time

Give your legal team and staff time to familiarise themselves with the new cloud-based phone system without trying to implement everything at once.

Consider the price

With hundreds of VoIP phone providers in Australia, don’t be afraid to ask questions and find the right solution without going for the cheapest option.

Improve client communication with Uniden

As Australia’s smartest cloud business phone system, Uniden offers innovative solutions for law firms. With a deep understanding of the communication needs of the legal industry, our cloud-based phone systems are designed to deliver exceptional client experiences.

From robust call management features to seamless integrations, we help law firms and businesses in other industries unlock their full potential and deliver client experiences that instil confidence.


Elevate your law firm’s client
communication strategy with Uniden

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Frequently asked questions

1. Can law firm phone systems integrate with existing software and tools?

Yes, cloud phone systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of legal software and tools, including document management platforms like Google Drive and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. This integration enables efficient information sharing, streamlined workflows, and a cohesive communication experience across all channels.

2. How do cloud-based phone systems differ from on-premises solutions?

Cloud-based phone systems offer several advantages over traditional on-premises solutions. They eliminate the need for expensive hardware installations and maintenance, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution. Cloud systems also offer greater flexibility, allowing legal professionals to access communication tools from anywhere, anytime, using various devices.

3. Can cloud phone systems enhance client confidentiality and compliance?

Yes. Cloud phone systems prioritise confidentiality and compliance with industry regulations. They often incorporate advanced security features, such as encryption, secure call recording, and access controls, to protect sensitive client information.

4. How can cloud phone systems improve call routing and responsiveness?

Advanced call routing and management features are crucial for improving responsiveness and client satisfaction. Law firm phone systems offer customisable call flows, automatic call distribution, and intelligent call queuing capabilities. These features ensure client calls are promptly directed to the appropriate personnel, reducing wait times and minimising frustration.

5. How can phone systems facilitate collaboration and information sharing?

Phone systems often integrate advanced messaging capabilities, such as SMS, instant messaging, and presence indicators, facilitating real-time collaboration and information sharing among legal teams and clients. These features enable efficient handling of inquiries, document exchanges, and case updates, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall productivity.

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