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Upgrade your business communications with cloud-based office phones

Create unparalleled collaboration with a top-tier cloud-based office phone solution, designed to meet the unique needs of modern Australian businesses.

Businesses around the world are ramping up their usage of cloud-based phone systems. In 2021, CISCO revealed that a productivity increase of 77% was seen in small businesses using VoIP.


As the business world changes, the way your business communicates has also changed drastically over the last decade. Cloud-based office phones are gaining popularity as a flexible and scalable solution that traditional on-premises business phone systems cannot compete with. With 80% of companies losing customers as a result of poor communication, sticking with traditional systems can also harm your business operations.


With a range of integrations and features, cloud-based phones cater to the different needs of modern Australian businesses, ensuring that you have a hassle-free communication experience.


How the best cloud-based office phones improve communication ?

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Unified communications

Whether your business operations need video, voice, messaging, or collaboration tools, cloud-based phones can help you with effortless communication across different channels. This unified approach helps your business streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and improve team productivity by giving you a central hub for all your communication needs.

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Advanced call routing

Cloud-based phones ensure that your modern business has advanced call routing capabilities to intelligently direct calls to the relevant departments and personnel based on caller preferences or predefined rules. This ensures more efficient customer service, improved response times, and a seamless communication experience for your customers and employees.


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Seamless integration

Switching to a cloud-based business phone system doesn’t mean that you need to change your business applications and tools. Cloud phones seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, productivity suites, and other collaboration platforms. This gives your business a greater chance at a centralised communication experience across multiple platforms.

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Cost savings

With Australian businesses experiencing an approximately 40% reduction in local call costs and 90% in international calls, your business can significantly reduce its operational costs. These systems also eliminate the need for on-premise hardware and IT overheads, freeing up valuable resources that can be redirected to other areas of your operations.

Reasons why cloud-based phones are better than on-premise phone systems

Lower upfront costs

Cloud-based office phones don’t need expensive hardware or infrastructure, making your investment significantly smaller.

Automatic software updates

Your cloud provider handles software updates and upgrades it automatically so that your phone system is always updated.

On-demand scalability

Your cloud-based business phone system can easily scale up or down based on your changing business needs and growth.

Geographic flexibility

Cloud phones make it easier for your teams to be accessible from anywhere without additional hardware or complexity.

Robust disaster recovery

Cloud-based phones offer reliable disaster recovery options and features that can maintain uninterrupted communication.

Enhance communications with Uniden Voice Over Cloud

As Australia’s smartest cloud-based business phone system, Uniden Voice Over Cloud offers a comprehensive range of phone systems that are designed for the unique needs of Australian businesses. With years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to elevating communication and improving collaboration, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, easy to set up, and are also cost-effective, ensuring that businesses of any size can benefit from the power of cloud-based phones. 


Improve your business communication
with Uniden

Contact us and see how you can take the first step towards better business communication.

Frequently asked questions

1. How reliable are cloud-based phones compared to traditional on-premises systems?

Cloud-based phone systems are designed with redundancy and failover mechanisms, ensuring high reliability and uptime. Additionally, cloud providers typically have multiple data centres and robust infrastructure, minimising the risk of service disruptions.

2. Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to a cloud-based system?

Yes, you can typically port over your existing phone numbers when transitioning to a cloud-based office phone solution. This process is handled by the cloud provider, ensuring a seamless transition for your business and minimising disruptions for your customers.

3. How do cloud-based phone systems handle call quality and voice clarity?

Cloud-based phone systems utilise advanced mechanisms to ensure high-quality voice transmissions. Additionally, providers often offer monitoring and optimisation tools to manage call quality and network performance.

4. Can I customise a cloud-based phone system to meet my business's specific requirements?

Yes, most cloud-based office phone solutions offer a range of customisation options, including custom call flows, interactive voice response (IVR) menus, and integration with business-specific applications. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the system to their unique processes and workflows.

5. How easy is it to add new users or locations to a cloud-based phone system?

Adding new users or locations to a cloud-based phone system is typically a straightforward process. Since the system is hosted in the cloud, you can simply provision new users or locations through the provider's web-based interface or administrative portal, without the need for on-site hardware installations.

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