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Unlock seamless operations with cloud-based phones in hospitals

Discover how your hospital can provide optimal patient care and improve operational efficiency with streamlined communication.

Efficient communication is a vital part of the healthcare industry and phone systems for healthcare are central for seamless coordination among patients, medical staff, and support services. That’s why phones must become more than voice communication devices if your hospital is trying to improve its operations and patient satisfaction.


Cloud-based phone systems offer a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates various aspects of hospital operations. With 31% of businesses relying on VoIP systems, it’s a great solution for your hospital to facilitate rapid responses to emergencies and streamline administrative tasks that take up a lot of time that can be diverted towards patient care.


You can ensure that information critical to your operation flows uninterrupted, fostering a collaborative and well-coordinated healthcare ecosystem. By embracing cloud-based phones in hospitals, you can future-proof your communication infrastructure for seamless operations.


The critical role of phones in hospitals

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Improving patient care and safety

Phones play a large role in enabling communication between patients, staff, and support services. With a cloud-based phone system, your medical staff can be immediately notified of patient requests, ensuring a quick and seamless response. Plus, with real-time collaboration among healthcare professionals, the ability to make prompt decisions about patient care can eventually lead to better patient outcomes.

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Enhancing clinical flows and processes

For your hospital operations to run smoothly, you need to switch to a phone system that seamlessly integrates with hospital information systems so that medical staff can access patient records, coordinate procedures, and schedule appointments. This streamlined communication reduces the pressure of administrative tasks and gives you more freedom to focus on quality care by using features like call routing.


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Facilitating rapid response in emergencies

Emergencies are an everyday occurrence in hospitals and cloud-based phones make it easier for rapid communication and coordination across teams. With features like prioritised call routing, your hospital can mobilise resources promptly to ensure quick interventions that can potentially save lives. These cloud-based phones in hospitals can also be a reliable form of communication during critical moments.

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Enabling remote collaboration and telemedicine

Cloud-based phone systems are ideal for remote collaboration and telemedicine services. Medical professionals can easily consult with specialists, share diagnostic information and even corporate patient transfers. These remote collaborations improve your care quality, especially in rural or underserved areas where knowledge-sharing among healthcare professionals can ultimately lead to better patient care.

Integrations to help hospitals
benefit from cloud-based phones

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Seamless integration with EHR systems gives healthcare professionals access to patient records, update information, and coordinate care more efficiently.

Scheduling & appointment management

Cloud-based phones can integrate with scheduling systems, making it much easier for staff to manage appointments and ensure better patient interactions.

Call flows and systems

Integrating with call flows and systems allows medical staff to receive patient requests on their phones, facilitating prompt responses and patient care.

Emergency notifications

Integrating with emergency notification systems ensures rapid mobilisation of your medical resources during critical situations for better interventions.

Collaboration and messaging

Integrating with collaboration tools like video conferencing facilitates seamless communication and knowledge-sharing abilities among medical professionals.

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Uniden is synonymous with leading cloud-based business phone systems in Australia. With a deep understanding of the communication requirements of hospitals, we offer scalable and comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate with your systems with minimal downtime or inconvenience.

Our cutting-edge technology is coupled with expertise and dedicated support to ensure that your hospital has every opportunity to succeed with seamless operations and improved patient care.


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Frequently asked questions

1. Can cloud-based phone systems support multi-site hospitals or healthcare networks?

Yes, cloud-based phone systems are particularly well-suited for multi-site hospitals or healthcare networks. These systems can seamlessly integrate multiple locations, enabling easy communication and collaboration across different facilities. Staff can transfer calls, access shared directories, and utilise unified communication features regardless of their physical location.

2. How secure are cloud-based phone systems for handling sensitive patient information?

Cloud-based phone system providers prioritise security and compliance, implementing robust measures to protect sensitive patient information. According to RapidScale, 94% of companies stated to have better security after moving to cloud-based communication systems.

3. What kind of training and support do hospitals receive when implementing cloud-based phone systems?

Reputable cloud-based phone system providers understand the importance of proper training and support for successful implementation in hospitals. They typically offer comprehensive training programs for medical staff and IT personnel, covering system configuration, feature utilisation, and best practices.

4. How do cloud-based phone systems handle call recording and monitoring for quality assurance and training purposes?

Cloud-based phone systems often include call recording and monitoring capabilities, which are essential for quality assurance and training purposes in hospitals. These features allow authorised personnel to record and review calls, ensuring compliance with protocols, identifying areas for improvement, and providing training opportunities for staff.

5. Can cloud-based phone systems integrate with existing on-premises phone systems in hospitals?

Yes, cloud-based phone systems can often integrate with existing on-premises phone systems in hospitals, enabling a gradual transition to a fully cloud-based solution. This integration allows hospitals to leverage their existing infrastructure while gradually migrating to a cloud-based system, minimising disruptions to operations and allowing for a smooth transition.

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