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Upgrade to cloud-based telephone systems for business operations

Switch to a powerful and flexible cloud-based telephone system designed with Australian businesses in mind and propel your business to new heights.

With the popularity of cloud-based business phone systems on the rise and reports claiming that the global VoIP market share may reach USD 55 billion by 2025, it doesn’t look like it’s heading for a pause. With more and more businesses spreading their reach across the globe in record time, the struggle to keep communication systems open and scalable is real.


Plus, with 57% of Australians stating that they are unlikely to engage with a business if the communication channels aren’t convenient, the need for reliable communication is at an all-time high. The good news is that cloud-based telephones offer a quick and easy solution if your business is struggling with frustrated customers who want better communication.


Leveraging the power of the internet, cloud-based phones, or VoIP phones, aren’t just a great alternative for your business communication they are also a great way to overcome outdated communication hardware and get better options for less.

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Benefits of upgrading telephone systems for business operations

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Future-ready technology

Cloud telephone systems are constantly being updated with the latest features and upgrades. Your business will continue to stay ahead of the curve without having to worry about any future need for costly hardware upgrades or software updates since the provider will generally handle these transitions as and when the technology emerges.

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Remote work capabilities

With remote work becoming a more mainstream option, cloud-based phone systems are making it more convenient for employees to stay connected no matter where they are. With local and international calls experiencing lower call costs, these business phone systems enable seamless communication and collaboration from any location.

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Advanced call management

Traditional phone systems may have been updated with a few upgrades over the years, but a cloud-based phone system has a range of options that traditional phones cannot compete with. From voicemail to email and automatic call distribution, cloud-based phones provide the necessary features to empower you and improve customer service.

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Unified communications

Cloud-based telephone systems seamlessly integrate with your business applications whether it’s CRMs or any other productivity platforms to enable unified business communications between employees and customers. This streamlined approach boosts your employee’s collaboration, improves efficiency, and enhances overall productivity.

Free features of top cloud-based telephone systems for business operations

Call recording

Whether you want to record calls for training purposes or compliance and quality assurance, cloud phones can help improve your call quality.


You can stay on top of business operations by having voicemails sent to your email as an audio file so that you never miss a single call again.

Call parking

Park your calls in a virtual location, retrieve them from any of your business’s desk phone systems, and hold your calls without incident.

Shared lines

Share a single phone number across multiple phones and you can use the mobile or PC app to answer any call from the office phone number.

Call packs

Save money with a phone system that requires zero contracts for unlimited call packs and use it to scale your business up or down as needed.

Improve your telephone systems for business operations with Uniden

Uniden Voice Over Cloud is a leader in offering tailored business communication solutions to Australian businesses. From 40+ cloud features to free set-up, we offer everything you need to make this switch as seamless as possible with little to no downtime.

By partnering with Uniden you get a user-friendly, scalable, and cost-effective communication solution, ensuring that your business can stay ahead of the rest.


Upgrade to cloud-based phones
with Uniden

Embrace the future of business communications and power seamless connectivity with a revolutionary cloud-based phone system.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it difficult to switch from traditional phone systems to cloud telephone systems for business operations?

Switching to a cloud telephone system is generally a straightforward process, especially with the guidance of experienced providers like Uniden. Most cloud telephone systems are designed for easy setup and integration, minimising disruptions to your business operations.

2. Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to a cloud telephone system?

Yes, you can typically port your existing phone numbers to a cloud telephone system, ensuring continuity and minimising disruptions for your customers and business partners.

3. Can cloud telephone systems scale as my business grows?

Yes, one of the key benefits of cloud telephone systems is their scalability. As your business expands or downsizes, you can easily add or remove users without the need for costly hardware upgrades or infrastructure changes. This flexibility allows your communication system to adapt to your evolving business needs seamlessly.

4. How do I ensure that my team receives proper training on the new cloud telephone system?

Reputable cloud telephone system providers offer comprehensive training and support services to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of the new system. Training can be provided on-site, remotely, or through self-paced resources, catering to the learning preferences of your team.

5. What is a cloud telephone system, and how does it differ from a traditional phone system?

A cloud telephone system, also known as VoIP, is a modern communication solution that leverages the internet to transmit voice and multimedia data. Unlike traditional phone systems that rely on physical hardware and infrastructure, cloud telephone systems operate entirely in the cloud, making them more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

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