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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed how businesses communicate by offering cost-effective and feature-rich alternatives to traditional phone systems. VoIP handsets—also referred to as IP phones—allow voice calls to connect with an internet connection, making cloud-based phone systems a much more flexible and scalable solution to traditional options.


In Australia, more and more businesses are starting to adopt VoIP systems believing that the switch will help them streamline their communications, improve productivity, and reduce costs. While the benefits of using VoIP handsets in Australia are fairly apparent, choosing the right system is an important decision and can often be a tough task with many options available in the market.


Having the right information in hand to navigate through the selection process can be helpful and give you a clear picture of which VoIP system best aligns with your budget, business requirements, and plans to scale.


How can businesses choose the right VoIP handsets in Australia?

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Assess your business requirements

Pay close attention to your business communication needs like call volume, remote workers, number of employees and any specific features you need to help scale your business including call recording, video conferencing, SMS messaging, Voicemail to email, and more. Assessing these factors can help you find the best handset model and configurations for your business.

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Consider compatibility and integration

Compatibility with your existing systems is important because you can’t transform every platform in your business. Check if the VoIP handset is compatible with your existing VoIP service provider and can seamlessly integrate with your business applications and systems. The transition to VoIP handsets will be much easier without any dents in your day-to-day operations.

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Prioritise the user experience

Opt for user-friendly interfaces, clear audio quality, and handset designs that can influence productivity and employee satisfaction. Before making a decision, take a look at features like displays, and headset compatibility for different work environments like remote work, and look into every option that can make a positive impact on the people using the device.

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Future-proof your investment

Whether you’re thinking of scaling up or down, the VoIP handset you choose should complement the level of scalability and flexibility your business needs. Look for handsets that can support additional phone lines or extensions and can be consistently upgraded to seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies. Think about how it can help the future of your business.

Why are VoIP handsets better than traditional phone systems?

Cost savings

VoIP handsets eliminate the need for expensive hardware and infrastructure that traditional phone systems need, making it a more cost-effective option.

Mobility and access

VoIP handsets have the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere because you only need an internet connection which can make remote work a possibility.


Scaling up and down is easier since VoIP handsets can be added or removed as needed, making it easier for quick adjustments without infrastructure changes.

Advanced features

VoIP handsets come with advanced features like voicemail-to-email, conference calling and call forwarding, making them perfect for improved communications.


For businesses that need advanced integration capabilities, VoIP handsets in Australia can seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and software.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Do VoIP handsets need special setup or installation?

Most modern VoIP handsets are designed to be easily installed and configured with minimal technical expertise, however, the VoIP handset provider can also help you install the phone system with minimal downtime.

2. Can VoIP handsets be used with my business’ existing phone numbers?

Yes. You can use the same numbers through number porting which allows you to transfer your current phone numbers from your traditional phone system to a VoIP service provider.

3. Can VoIP handsets support video calls or conferencing?

Yes. A lot of modern VoIP handsets are designed with video calling and conferencing capabilities in mind.

4. How can I manage and maintain VoIP handsets in my business?

Proper management and maintenance of VoIP handsets are important to make sure that you have continuous high-quality communication within your business. Consider factors like configuration management, user training, and remote monitoring to stay ahead of your phone system.

5. How do VoIP handsets work?

VoIP handsets connect to a VoIP service provider’s network through an internet connection. When a call is made it transmits them over the internet to the recipient’s device.

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